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A cadet may purchase their grade insignia, for example C/Amn, from either Vanguard or the squadron supply. This needs to be done before the cadet is scheduled to be pinned (promoted) to their new earned grade.
When a cadet is ready to promote to the next grade they have three options:
1. Buy their next grade insignia (for example, C/A1C) from Vanguard.
2. Buy their next grade insignia (for example, C/A1C) from the squadron (keeping their old grade insignia, for example, C/Amn) and paying the full squadron price (for example, $7.00 for C/A1C) for the new grade insignia.
3. Trade in their previous grade insignia to the squadron for their next grade insignia and pay the squadron the difference in price (in this case, C/Amn to C/A1C is $0.85).

Even if a cadet purchased grade insignia from Vanguard, they may select options 2 or 3 (above) for their next promotion. For ribbons all sales are final.

For ribbon racks the same option to trade in an old ribbon rack to the squadron for a new ribbon rack (that holds more ribbons) by paying the difference is available. All patch sales are final.

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